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BitchX tips and tricks

My .bitchxrc file

Explanations: the 'bind' command simply creates new key bindings. The syntax '^' means control key. The autorename prevents file overwritting.

set join_new_window on
set join_new_window_type new hide swap last double on
set window_destroy_part on
bind ^x parse_command window next
bind ^b new_scroll_backward
bind ^f new_scroll_forward
set dcc_autorename on
set dcc_dldir /home/albert/temp

alias freebsd window swap freebsd
alias blender window swap blender

on connect "*freenode*" {
        msg nickserv identify MYPASSWORD

        window double on name blendercoders
        window new hide swap last double on name blender
	window new hide swap last double on name postgresql

        window swap blendercoders channel #blendercoders
        window swap blender channel #blender
	window swap postgresql channel #postgresql
        window swap blendercoders

        addnoflood memoserv
        addnoflood nickserv

on connect "*undernet*" {
        alias bookz window swap bookz
        window double on name bookz
        window swap bookz channel #bookz

Configuration files

Keep an eye on your ~/.ircrc and ~/.bashrc files. In the latter you can set basic presets such as:

export IRCNICK="leafw"
export IRCUSER="Any"
export IRCNAME="Leafwind"
export IRCSERVER="irc.freenode.net"

Yes 'leafw' is my nickname at freenode.net.

Some useful commands

Last updated: 2012-05-08 11:10 Zurich time. Copyright Albert Cardona.